Yoga Styles

The Vinyasa method is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, whose very first origin stems from the traditional Asthanga method. In Sanskrit, “vinyasa” means “to place in a special way” and translated into a yoga asana practice it means to let your movements flow with your breath. Through this flow of movements, you will be able to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance as well as develop a sense of well-being and inner stillness.

The Jivamukti method – “liberation while living” – integrates the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of yoga. Classes center on a monthly theme, explored through “dharma talks”, Sanskrit chanting, reflections on the modern relevance of yoga scripture, music, asanas (postures or poses), pranayama (breathing), and meditation. The largest portion of the class consists of asana practiced as vinyasa.

Yoga meditation is the art and science of systematically observing, accepting, understanding, and training each of the levels of our being, such that we may coordinate and integrate those aspects of ourselves, and dwell in the direct experience of the center of consciousness. This mind-body approach to well-being, combining relaxation, breathing techniques, and guided visualisation – reduces stress and anxiety, and can be integrated into your everyday life.

Yin is a style of yoga that encourages release with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time. Often seen as the ideal complement to more dynamic forms of yoga, it gives us a chance to be still and “let go” via the deep connective tissues of the body (vs. the superficial tissues), aiding physical, energetic, mental and emotional flexibility and helping regulate the flow of energy in the body. Many view it as the perfect antidote to stressful urban lifestyles.

Kundalini is the yogic science of awareness and happiness. It provides inner-peace, moves energy through the body to reduce anxiety and increase your self-confidence – plus, it is a really good workout!
This wonderful practice is for everyone, every body-type, every health-level and every phase of life. If sometimes it gets us out of our comfort zone, it is just to give us the opportunity to transform ourselves.
The class is essentially your own experience using the magic tools we’ve been given by Yogi Bhajan: _ dynamic yoga sets called Kriyas.
There are thousands of different Kriyas but all of them are using the vibration of sound through mantras, breath control, as well as meditation and relaxation.
Each one is meant to help with a specific issue to create change on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
We’ll be practicing the same one for 3 weeks to get the full effects. We’ll go in this 4 steps process: _ heal your heart, breakthrough your blocks, crystallize your vision and finally meditate to master your mind.
There is no barrier to make you the most radiant version of yourself, only you can DO it… which can be a big one!

Pranayama means the extension or the control of breath. It belongs to one of the tenets of a yoga practice. They are breathing exercises which clear the physical and emotional obstacles in our body to free the breath and so the flow of prana (life energy). Most kinds of pranayama are practised sitting down with an upright spine. The idea is for the breath to be smooth and even and not strained even after breath retention. Benefits include reduced breathing rate, improved blood circulation, and a general feeling of peace and blissfulness.

Prenatal Yoga is extremely helpful for expectant mothers who would like to go into their pregnancies with calmness and gratefulness. Prenatal classes usually help mothers to feel strong and supple throughout the pregnancy, also teaching them techniques to keep their pelvic floors healthy and ready for birth. It is also a good way to continue to feel healthy and well during this beautiful period.

Kids Yoga involves easy yoga postures and mindfulness techniques for children. Classes will involve breathing, postures and meditation exercises, as well as imagery and relaxation methods. Classes are always interactive and creative!