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Zoie Wilson

Zoie’s yoga journey began at age 12 and developed with maturity over the years until the call to teach became evident to transmute the techniques and understandings she had been learning. Zoie considers her style of yoga she teaches to be independent of any fixed school or approach. She believes yoga itself guides our natural intelligence to develop which allows our greatest potentials to evolve. She believes when we are guided by our authentic self we have a greater awareness to navigate our experiences with profound clarity and action. Through her own understanding of life’s processes, she began untangling roots to find the seed --- birth, the beginning of life. The quest for creativity and authenticity continued throughout her studies of art & media in San Francisco and San Diego, California. Recognizing the inevitable connection of creativity between art, yoga, and birth she began the search for deeper knowledge of traditional wisdom within her own communities. She considers that when we focus on the health and wellbeing of the mother during pregnancy and postpartum we support the wellness of our families and fortify our communities. Through understanding the body, mind, and spirit during pregnancy we can prepare for challenges in labor and create connection to our natural self to align with our body's natural energy for positive birthing experiences. Zoie has worked and trained directly alongside midwives, doulas, wisdom holders, and renown yoga teachers from around our world. “In order for continual optimal evolution we must witness and be present for our evolving transitions in life.” – Zoie