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Stephanie Kaye

I'm Stephanie Kaye, London born and settled in Paris since 2009. Following an eight year career at Google in both London and Paris, back in 2015 I decided to embark on an exciting career path change. I retrained in Brief Therapy, becoming a Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy in 2016. I opened my practice doors in Paris the same year, working with children and adults in English and French. After studying Transcendental Meditation with a qualified TM® teacher, I began regular daily meditation practice for myself, and very quickly noticed how motivated, clear of mind and open towards others I was becoming.  Growing up there was always music playing in my home. Records by artists ranging from Alice Coltrane to The Beatles and Sun Ra provided the soundtrack to my childhood, and I grew up understanding how deeply music and sound can touch us to our very core. Since delving into crystal bowl healing, I've been guided and taught by inspirational and successful women, mostly based in Los Angeles and New York, leaders in the field of sound healing. Merging hypnotherapy, sound and meditation, I've crafted a sonic relaxation offering that promises to raise your vibrations and release the stresses of your day.