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Keilimei Trahan

my teaching style is focused around two hemispheres, logic and connection. logic encompasses establishing conscious breathing, anatomical ques, and the use of props for a safe and challenging practice. i believe a solid base is foundational for a practice that heals our body and enhances our mind. through mindfulness, meditation and pranayama, we become focused. our energy becomes directed. then one day we find ourselves in sirsasana, feeling completely safe and supported by our bodies, and as we count our breath we ponder to ourselves in amazement, “how did i get here?” however, half the benefit of a yoga practice is connection. connecting with our intuition, yes, but also with one another. the beauty of touch through assisting in yoga is that the touch comes uncondtional. there is no expectation for the student to return the gesture. the student is able to fully receive this love. through mantras, live music, and carefully curating my playlists, i aim to tap into the brain waves. when we hear a beat, our heartrate matches it, and it starts to affect our emotions and mood. there’s something about live music, a real instrument, and voice that connects to the soul.