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Anne Gaëlle Guillot

As a passionate and certified yoga teacher, Anne-Gaëlle is well aware of the implications of living a stressful life, driven by meetings, phone calls and documents for yesterday. There was no space is this stressful life for her to grow and shine! As she discovered yoga Anne-Gaëlle discovered a practice which gave her tools to get more energy and serenity, bringing back together body and mind. She followed her hatha yoga teacher for 4 years and got a 200hrs RYT vinyasa and hatha yoga teacher certificate at the French federation of yoga. As balance is one of her favorite subject to dig on she naturally got a 150hrs RYT yin yoga certification and she keeps on studying with well-known teachers on many subjects (yoga philosophy, chinese medicine, anatomy, reiki...). Her teachings are a melting pot of all these experiences and bring together masculine and feminine energies, movements and immobility... Anne-Gaëlle is sharing with passion during her classes and workshops in studios, companies and hospitals."

IG: annegaelleyoga

Spotify: Anne Gaëlle

Hailing from: Earth (officially) 

Languages: French . English .

Element: (fire, air, earth, water, Ether): ALL. Balance is in everything. 

Paris QG: Musée du quai Branly

Inspirational Spirit Animal: White tiger . Manta . Crow .

Inspirational Reads: Legends and fairy tales from all over the world . Rumi . Tim Burton . Khalil Gibran . Thick Nhat Hanh... So Many inspirational readings! 

Fave Yoga Getaway: I close my eyes and breath.