CAELO – The Studio

Located off of the bustling pedestrian rue Montmartre in the city centre, at the far end of a quiet courtyard, you’ll cross the threshold and enter into a luminous, calm and colourful space that we hope you will soon come to consider your yogic home away from home.

Situated in a bi-level space of 167 square meters, the center features 17th century walls and a vaulted cellar; two bathrooms and a shower; and two independent practice rooms which can be converted into a single 82m2 practice area for larger classes and workshops. 

As much attention to detail has been devoted to the physical space as it has been on the teaching schedule and educational programs and workshops, with a color scheme reflective of the name and identity of CAELO, in all-natural pigments created by Italian painter Oronzo d’Agostino. You will also find only the highest quality yoga equipment including mats from Jade and specially ordered colourful Mexican blankets; and furniture and furnishings from India, Egypt, Afghanistan and China.