Q: Where are you located? Is it easily reached via public transport?

A: CAELO Main, Paris 2ème, is located at the back of a calm internal courtyard, at 55 rue Montmartre, in the pedestrian zone of the central Montorgeuil neighborhood in the 2nd arrondissement. It is easily reached by both metro (nearest stations are Sentier & Bourse on line 2, Etienne-Marcel & Les Halles on line 4, and Louvre-Rivoli on Line 1) RER (Chatelet-Les Halles)  and numerous public bus lines.

CAELO Montmartre is located at 34 rue Ramey, Paris 18ème. Metros – Jules Joffrin Lamarck (Line 12), Chateau Rouge (Line 4), Bus 85 and numerous other bus lines.


Q: When are you open?

A: CAELO Yoga is open 7 days a week, with classes all day starting at around 8am/9am/10am depending on the day with our last classes most days starting at 8pm. Please see our schedule for specific class times. Also note, that currently ALL classes are by advance reservation only.

Q: Is there a door code to get into the building?

A: To access the center on weekends, or before 8am & after 8pm on weekdays, there are three door codes. Please contact us if you are new member planning to attend a class during those times and do not yet have the codes.

Q: Do you provide yoga mats and other equipment?

A: Due to COVID-19 Sanitary measures we are not currently able to provide access to studio mats and props. Please remember to bring your own mats to class and anything else you might need for your practice.

We provide yoga mats (and great quality Jade ones!) free of charge along with all the other props you will need for practice, like blocks, blankets, bolsters and straps, so it is not absolutely necessary that you bring a mat to class. However, if you prefer your own mat or special props, feel free to do so!

Q: Can I change into yoga clothes at the Center? Do you have a shower?

A: Due to COVID-19 Sanitary measures. Changing rooms are currently CLOSED. Please come in come in your practice attire and with minimal personal effects. 

There are women’s and men’s changing rooms, where you can change and leave your belongings while in class. If you would like to secure your belongings in one of the lockers provided, please bring your own small lock, or we can lend you one if one is available.  (Lockers are for use only while in class please) We also have two bathrooms and a shower. Towel rental is not available however, so if you would like to use the shower after your class, or if you would like a towel during your practice, please bring your own with you.

Q: Do I have to make an appointment or book beforehand?

A: When possible we highly recommend that you do!  However, you are always welcome to drop in without a booking. However, keep in mind that the classes might be fully booked (often in the evenings). When you book online you can also check the latest updated schedule via our online system at the same time.  We also request that if you are new to the studio that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to class so that we process your registration and familiarize you with our space.

Q: Can I book a class and pay for it online?

A: Yes, all classes can be booked and paid for online. Go to Mindbody to select your class, book it, and pay for an individual class or a multi-class pass or time-defined pass. If you already have a pass purchased on-site, you can also create and online account and use MindBody to reserve your classes in advance.

Q: Do you have classes for children or teens? What are the age groups you serve?

A: Yes we do! Join us on Saturday mornings at 10am for our CAELO Kid’s Yoga class! We also hope to offer regularly scheduled classes for teens in the future but in the interim we offer workshops for teens. If you have a teen with a few friends that are interested in starting a yoga practice more regularly, please contact us as we can arrange for small group classes for them as well!

Q: What types of passes can I buy?

A: We offer a large variety of class passes with options that include unlimited use, 10-class package or 20-class package. If you are new to CAELO, you can also choose to use the discovery passes, which are 49€ (8 days) or just 119€ (30 days).

Q: Can I buy someone a gift pass?

A: Yes, gift certificates are available and can be customized! Please ask us for more information at reception.

Q: How do I know my level? What class should I go to?

A: Our classes are all multi-level; but within types of yoga there are different types of classes, some more dynamic, others slower-paced. Take a look at the class descriptions for more information on specific classes. If you are still confused, send us an email at contact@caeloyoga.com

Q: Can I do yoga asanas if I’m injured?

A: Our teachers are incredibly helpful when it comes to injuries. You will need to inform the teacher before you begin your class, so that he or she will be able to help you or give you modifications when needed. However, we advise you to first rest and heal, before returning to your yoga mat. It is better to seek professional advice from doctors if you are not sure.

Q: Can I do yoga if I’m pregnant?

A: If it is your first time or first few times doing yoga asanas, it is advised that you practice only when your body feels ready. We recommend that you approach your practice with caution and take pre-natal yoga classes only after your first trimester. You can speak with our pre-natal yoga teacher.

Q: Can I book a private class?

A: Yes, most of our teachers are available for private classes upon request. Or we can also help you to select and book an instructor that is the best fit with your needs and practice. Please call us at 10 45 08 59 10 or write to us at contact@caeloyoga.com to enquire.

Q: Can I pause my pass if I won’t be in Paris for an extended period of time?

A: 6-month auto-renew passes and annual passes may be paused one time. Please enquire at reception for details or to discuss your circumstances. Monthly unlimited passes may not be paused.

Q:What does CAELO mean?

A: CAELO, (heaven) from De Caelo*, Aristotle’s treatise on the heavens, is an inferred reference to the Divine, to the Infinite. It draws our attention to the interconnectedness of all things, of Heaven & Earth, above and below, to the divine source within and without and which is the unifying force between all living beings, including the earth.

– Heaven is a place inside your own heart.- (more about CAELO’s name: link to longer version in about)

Q:Why the emphasis on music & Kirtan?

A: The primary matter of the universe is vibratory and therefore sonic in nature. Everything is made up of sound vibrations – man and the cosmos. Thus sound and music can be used to transcend, to reach a state of deeper unity with both the inner and outer cosmos and to raise the vibratory level. Sanskrit, the foundational language of Kirtan, is a vibratory language. (Kirtan: to cut through). So the combination of the sanskrit language and music can be a direct way to reach heightened states of consciousness and even to transcend or dissolve energetic blockages.