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Kirtan with Petros Haffenrichter!

Music is something moving, proof of the greek quote “panta rei”—always flowing. When further ingredients are devotion and presence, magic can happen, something that has been described by the yogis as “ananda-bliss”. This state is nothing far-off, fixated or framed. It is the state, when intuition, strength and spirit harmonize in the now. Harmony is the foundation of music, so we come together to spontaniously experience, what the word itself actually describes: harmony (greek: armonia: to bring together; the union of opposites to one whole). So the greek root of the word, that describes the union of opposites is nothing other than something very familiar to us: Yoga!

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 55 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France
 Caelo Yoga
 01 45 08 59 10