Caelo Event

Chakra Balancing Workshop

In Yoga tradition, the human body has seven main energy centers called chakras. Taking an empowering approach to purifying the chakras, we’ll move through a series of poses sequenced according...

 April 29, 2018

Spring Fire-Water Workshop

As we enter into Spring, we are offering a perfectly balanced practice, blending the energies of awakening Fire and soft and fluid Water Yoga practices. 40€  Fire Practice (solar...

 April 8, 2018

Early Bird Spring Challenge

MORNING INTENSIVES : Traditionally Yoga is practiced early in the morning, at sunrise, the time of day during which Prana (life energy) is at its highest level. A daily practice...

 March 26, 2018

Intro to Yoga

Intro to Yoga • Once monthly • 2 hours of gentle exploration of the physical • Basics of breathing and the diaphragm • Incorporate breath with movement and how •...

 March 18, 2018

Ben + Klara – Sun & Moon

We go faster alone, but further together. In this workshop we will experience the yoga practice solo and in groups of two or more in order to work together to...

 February 18, 2018

Spark your Creativity

Join Alex for a 2 hours of creative flow intelligently structured and linked to connect with our 1st , 2nd and 3rd chakra points. There is more to the asanas...

 February 4, 2018